Consistency is Core to Quality

VRC is a process-dependent company where quality and performance is not dependent on one person but on all of our employees that are trained to adhere to processes that assure safety and consistency in quality. Continuous Improvement is core to VRC culture, so we measure the integrity of our processes by documenting nonconformance activity and seeking root cause improvements.

  • VRC follows the recipe. All VRC blenders are positioned on load cells to measure every pound introduced to a blend. Every formula has a batch ticket of components that can be tied back to individual raw material components and their source/manufacture.
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  • Every production batch is tested and will not be released until every quality measure is within our customers’ specifications. All shipments are accompanied with a signed Certificate of Analysis from our Quality Control Manager.
  • VRC maintains retain samples for every production batch for a minimum of two (2) years – together with records of the production batch tickets and all accountable signatures.
  • FTIR, HPLC, Titration, Density, Viscosity, Gardner Color, pH, and any additional testing our customers require
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Service Level Metrics

  • Nonconformance activity of issues that have not met VRC internal strict standard
  • Root Cause analysis of the nonconformance activity and documentation. Corrective Action Design and implementation for continuous improvement
  • Ability to provide customers with our service level Percentage – Percent of how often our orders go without nonconformances along the Supply Chain. Customer’s may not be impacted by VRC’s nonconformance activity but we measure it anyway so we get better
  • Ability to improve the service of our suppliers by sharing the detail of nonconformance activity to VRC – The supply chain starts with the Supplier

Areas Measured and Reported:

  • Logistics by Carrier – Inbound and Outbound Warehouse Operations Processes
  • Production Processes
  • Planning
  • Procurement
  • Suppliers Quality
  • Quality Control Processes
  • Invoice Accuracy and Timing

At the end of the day, we hold ourselves to a very high standard regardless of whether or not our customers feel the direct impact of a non-conformance.  Our employees believe in honest feedback and welcome it.  We want to be the best we can be as the sum of all of our parts as we understand that we are only as strong as our weakest process, person, asset, and technology.  We welcome all challenges and hope to help you overcome yours.  Welcome to VRC!